I'm currently based in Amsterdam, but I will be moving to Barcelona in September this year.

During my study I have learned how to use my curiosity, empathetic ability and my eager to learn in a positive way that can be meaningful for our society. I’m constantly looking why things have to be developed. I strongly believe that we build a lot of products without really asking WHY. Why is this a problem? Why do we have to solve this? And what exactly does the user experience?

I completely dive into a case using Design Thinking as method and start by using empathy to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of people's emotions and physical needs. A problem definition is then based on the outcomes and the brainstorm sessions can start! In the idea development I will use a target group to discuss the problem and user insights to develop ideas. Finally, I will create a prototype to test with my users. As a Front-end Developer I’m able to develop my ideas into a real product.

Do you wanna know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Send me an email or call me.