understand and empathise the user

The most important stage in my opinion is the empathize phase, the first stage in the Design Thinking method. Finding out what the problem is and what the user experience is essential. I can use my curiosity and willingness to understand the situation. Not only my mom is now answering my ‘but why is it like this?’ question. I keep digging until I found the reasons behind it. Being a listener helps me to understand what is really going on. By asking the right questions I’m finding out the essential so I can start brainstorming.

think outside the box

Mostly I will start a brainstorm session with an affinity diagram of my results. This gives me an overview of the most important insights. Based on that I will start sketching basic concepts. I love to work in a motivational space which gives me inspiration. In this phase I will talk a lot with relatives about the subject. Brainstorm sessions will give the most result if you discuss it with different kind of people.

building real and technical prototypes

During my study I learned a lot about Front-end Developing. I love to see what happens when I write some CSS or Javascript. The logical thinking and seeing immediately result helps me to get the most out of it. Is something not working as it supposed to be? I will dig into it and won’t stop until I found a solution. Besides the World Wide Web, I’m also experimenting with small computers or microcontrollers, like Arduino. I think it is necessary to think about each possible solution. Not only creating a mobile app or a website, helps me to think outside the box and develop solutions that solves the user needs.